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EFRAT believes in a woman's right to receive all the information that she needs to make an educated choice.

EFRAT offers free medical advice to any woman considering terminating a pregnancy. Even when an abortion is recommended for medical reasons, it's advisable to seek a second opinion.

Our volunteer medical staff will assist you in making an educated decision. Although an abortion may be medically warranted, in many instances doctors are quick to suggest terminating a pregnancy.

After carefully reviewing and weighing all the medical data, our physicians often advise against terminating the pregnancy. The thousands of thriving EFRAT children attest to the wisdom of their decision.

In cases where our physicians recommend terminating the pregnancy, the parents are able to do what is medically advisable knowing that they have made an informed decision. In addition, our staff is there to offer emotional support throughout the process.


We are available to help you! If you need medical advice about your pregnancy, please don't hesitate to contact us at 972-2-5454500. Medical reports should be faxed to 972-3-6849500. 

It's a phone call you'll never regret.