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An extraordinary project began on a very ordinary morning when an EFRAT volunteer visited a woman scheduled to terminate her pregnancy.

"I can't imagine bringing my child into this world without being able to provide him with a bed to sleep in," the woman tearfully explained to the EFRAT volunteer.
The volunteer was horrified. "It is unthinkable," she said, "that a life will be lost for lack of a crib."

This incident motivated EFRAT to launch a new project - the Yad Chava Baby Fund. Established by Mr. and Mrs. Jean Claude and Debbie Miller of Antwerp, Belgium, in memory of their daughter, Chava Rafaella Kramer-Miller, the Yad Chava Baby Fund provides EFRAT mothers with urgently needed equipment, including a brand-new crib, stroller, baby bath and layette.

Everything is delivered directly to the new mother's home.

Every year hundreds of Israeli women terminate their pregnancies for economic reasons. We at EFRAT are amazed at the incredible success that the Yad Chava Baby Fund has had in granting these unborn children the gift of life.

Thousands of families have benefited from this assistance, including many families of triplets and even one set of quintuplets!

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