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EFRAT distributes baby kits to the  women in our care. The kits contain a set of baby linens, a blanket, sets of undershirts and clothing, cloth diapers, baby toys, bottles, pacifiers, disposable diapers, and baby wipes.

The women who are receiving them are always deeply grateful. "The stress and anxiety we lived with took a heavy toll. At least we now know that we could care for our tiny babies properly, and give them what they needed."

EFRAT, The Organization to Save Israel's Babies, receives no government assistance and is dependent upon private donations and contributions. Dr. Eli Schussheim, President of EFRAT firmly believes that our children are our future. "Saving our children is the answer to those who wish to destroy all Jews; adults, children and babies, born and unborn. By assisting women we are doing our part to increase the Jewish population in Israel. "