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Dr. Schussheim, President of EFRAT - C.R.I.B., picked up the phone. The man would not give his name.

"I'm calling from the U.S. You don't know me, but I would like to donate a sizeable sum to EFRAT."

Dr. Schussheim was thrilled, of course, but the man's next words caught him by surprise. "I would like my donation to be used for one specific purpose. I want to finance an awareness campaign.

"My goal is to publicize and bring the work of EFRAT to the attention of every woman in Israel. I want all pregnant women undergoing financial difficulties and considering abortion, to know the options available to them. The choice is theirs, the chance is theirs.  EFRAT will enable them to choose, and choose wisely."

Dr. Schussheim was curious as to why the man wanted his money used in this unusual manner. The man then told him his story:

"I am an Israeli, he began,"About 61/2 years ago, I lost my job. My wife was pregnant, and given our grim financial situation, we decided to abort the baby. We had no difficulty obtaining permission to perform the procedure. Our baby was doomed. A few hours - (literally- a few hours) before my wife was to be admitted to the hospital, we heard a knock on the door.

A stranger, with a baby in her arms stood in the doorway. 'I will take only a few moments of your time,' she said, and she began to speak. We could not doubt her sincerity as she began to tell us her story.

She pointed to her baby.'I was in severe financial difficulties, pregnant and alone. I was scared for my baby, scared for myself. In my desperation, I could see only one way out of my predicament. Abortion.'

'I heard a knock on my door, (just as you did, today) and a lovely woman stood there. She seemed to know just what I was feeling as she told me about EFRAT, the organization established for women just like me, who needed support in order to maintain their pregnancies and save the lives of their babies.

"I phoned them."

The man continued. "My wife and I were moved to tears, especially upon seeing the smile on her face as she hugged her baby. It was enough for us. We decided to cancel the abortion and save our child. EFRAT accompanied us every step of the way, assisting us in every way, until my wife gave birth to our gorgeous Danny. Do you remember us ?"

Not too surprisingly, Dr.Schussheim did not recall their story. Over the years, there have been thousands of "Dannys" who owe their lives to EFRAT.

"We immigrated to America six months after Danny was born. We worked hard and our financial situation began to improve. Today, we enjoy a comfortable lifestyle."

"I am not a religious man, Dr. Schussheim, but make no mistake. I fervently believe that we owe our pleasant and happy lives to one person, our miracle, Danny. EFRAT was directly responsible for saving our baby and for our present happiness. We had never heard of EFRAT and of the many lives you've saved. If not for the wonderful volunteer who opened her heart to us, we would have committed a horrendous blunder, one that we could never, ever rectify."

"Now you understand, Doctor, why I wish to bring to bring the work of EFRAT to every woman. Who knows how many women are out there that need the help, want to save their babies, and don't know how. EFRAT is how. It would mean very much to me if I could enable every mother and father to be given the same chance we were."

The campaign was duly initiated and soon large billboards were erected all over the country, bringing the message to all that need help. The results which were quick in coming, were heartwarming indeed. The number of clients rose dramatically, as did the numbers of babies saved.

True, money cannot always save lives. But, when generosity and wisdom combine, vision and vigor unite, and then miracles occur. Lives are saved, children are loved, and families are healed and made whole.