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"Lives lost for lack of money? NO!"

 EFRAT, well known as Israel's largest lifesaving organization initiated an impressive campaign all over Israel. The campaign entitled "Lives lost for lack of money? NO!" is directed to women considering abortion due to their desperate financial situation.

Over one hundred billboards were erected throughout the country, bringing the message to women who have no other recourse, nowhere to turn for help.

This campaign is one of many ongoing projects through which EFRAT seeks to help as many women as possible. EFRAT's "care package" to women in need includes a crib, stroller, baby bath, clothing and other baby supplies. EFRAT also provides a monthly food package, (for a period of one year), containing baby food, diapers, and other staples.

The funding for this campaign came from an Israeli, currently living in the U.S. When his wife was pregnant more than 6 years ago and money was tight, they applied to the abortion committee for permission to terminate the pregnancy. By chance, they met an EFRAT volunteer, who convinced them not to go through with the abortion, and promised to help them with necessities for the baby. This man has since moved to the USA, and is now a person of means. He called Dr. Schussheim, and asked him to publicize EFRAT's work so that other families will have the opportunity to experience the joy he now feels at having this child. (To learn more about the donor, click here.)

Dr. Schussheim reports that the number of calls for EFRAT's assistance have increased significantly in the weeks since the campaign has gotten off the ground.

"Our motto is, and always has been: "Lives lost for lack of money? NO!" and we are eager and happy to help those who turn to us in their time of need."