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My dear friend,

We understand the difficulties you are going through. Perhaps you feel that an abortion is the only solution available to you.

But the fetus in your womb is a real child waiting to be born. He is alive. It's important that you understand the full implications of terminating your pregnancy prior to making a decision.

What is an abortion? Abortion means ending the life of child who is not sufficiently developed to survive outside its mother's womb.

Although the vast majority of abortions are performed on socio-economic grounds, an abortion does not resolve financial or social difficulties. Very often, the psychological scars caused by an abortion only serve to complicate existing problems. Sometimes, it takes women a lifetime to resolve these issues.

Economic and social problems can be worked out. Situations can - and do - change. But a life can never be restored.

In our thirty-five years of experience educating women, we have never seen a woman who regretted having her baby.

Just ask any one of the over fifty thousand women who, thanks to EFRAT's intervention, chose to give birth.

Are you considering an abortion? Our social worker will be happy to speak with you. Please call 972-2-545-4500. We're there to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.