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EFRAT works on two different levels to provide the public with information on pregnancy and abortion.

  1. Information about preventing an unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Information for women facing an unwanted pregnancy.

Information about preventing unwanted pregnancies - The best medicine is preventive medicine. In its efforts to prevent unwanted pregnancies, EFRAT distributes informative pamphlets and short CDs to students at public schools and universities and to soldiers at army bases.

Information for women facing an unwanted pregnancy - In the United States, abortion has become a political issue. "Pro-Choice" advocates a woman's control over her body; especially her right to demand an abortion, while "Pro-life" advocates full legal protection of the fetus, even at the expense of endangering the woman's health. According to "Pro-Life," abortion is equated with murder.

EFRAT, however, believes in a woman's right to make her own decision. A woman has control over her body. That privilege, however, comes with a responsibility to understand the implications of that right. In the same way that an individual has a right to full information before deciding on elective surgery, a woman has a right to full information before deciding on an abortion.

EFRAT has dealt with many women who had an abortion before fully understanding the procedure and later regretted having made that decision.

To assist women in making an informed decision, EFRAT distributes informative pamphlets about the medical and psychological implications of an abortion.

EFRAT believes that a woman's emotional and physical health take precedence over that of the fetus, and has on occasion recommended abortion. At the same time, we offer economic assistance to relieve the emotional stress that often plays a large role in the decision to terminate a pregnancy. Over 57,000 children are alive today thanks to EFRAT's intervention