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Frequently Asked Questions about EFRAT - C.R.I.B.

The Committee for the Rescue of Israel's Babies.


How do you know the woman is actually pregnant? How do you know she is really needy? How do you know that she is really considering an abortion?

Most of the women we help are referred to us by the social workers they go to in order to request authorization for an abortion. We reach out to social workers and encourage them to refer any woman who is considering abortion for financial reasons. We also require proof of pregnancy (doctor's note, copy of ultrasound results), as well as proof of her financial situations (pay stubs, etc.). In addition, her home is visited by an EFRAT volunteer or a social worker to ascertain that she is truly in need

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How do these women hear about EFRAT?

EFRAT advertises all over Israel, our motto being, "Lack of money is no reason to end a life". We also contact social workers and inform them of our services, and encourage them to refer clients who are contemplating abortion for financial reasons.

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My spouse and I are looking to adopt. Are there mothers who would like to give up their babies for adoption?

In Israel, it is illegal for any private individual or organization to deal with adoptions. Adoptions are handled solely through the Child Welfare Service of the Ministry of Welfare

The women who are helped by EFRAT keep their babies. However, EFRAT offers a very special program in which couples can have the merit of bringing a child into the world. For $1,200, a donor is matched to an expectant woman, and informed of her due date. When the child is born, we send the donor a certificate of honor with the name and birth date of the child, along with a copy of the child's birth certificate. In this way, they truly bring a Jewish child into existence. To learn more, click here.

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Why are you forcing these women to continue their pregnancies? Doesn't a woman have a right over her own body?

We at EFRAT believe that every woman has the right to make decisions regarding her body. Therefore we do not pressure women, nor do we make demonstrations or condone violence. We just offer our support and assistance.

EFRAT has been called "the real pro-choice organization", because we allow the woman to make a real choice, based on what she really wants, without social or financial pressure.

We feel that if a woman wants to have a child, but chooses an abortion because she can't afford it, or because someone is pressuring her, then she is not doing what is really her choice.

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